Avantor® ACE® Knowledge Zone

We have gained an unrivalled reputation for excellent quality and competitively priced products - backed up by expert technical support and after sales service.

In the Avantor® ACE® Knowledge Zone we are happy to share this knowledge with you whether it be technical notes, applications, webinars or useful tools for every day chromatography.

Avantor® ACE® Portfoliio

Application Search
  • Our > 10,000 analytes database can typically provide a method or good starting point for your work
  • Our technical experts can advise on development and optimisation to get you to a solution as quickly as possible
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Technical Troubleshooting
  • Peak shape or splitting
  • Sample issues
  • Method reproducibility
  • Sample cleanliness
  • Method transfer or scale-up
  • Any aspect of chromatography
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Method Development and Strategies
  • Contact us as you plan your work
  • Decades of experience to ensure you make the most effective choices
  • Rapid, productive method development workflows
Avantor® ACE Knowledge Notes

Short, bite size documents discussing technical and practical chromatography:

  • Column cleaning
  • Calculating dwell volume
  • Understanding system dispersion
  • RPLC method development
  • HILIC method development
  • HILIC equilibration tips
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Method Translation
  • Translate methods between HPLC and UHPLC and vice versa
  • Isocratic or Gradient
  • Full help file provided
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  • Series of technical webinars
  • Wide range of topics
  • Well respected speakers
  • Listen again to previous talks
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