Solutions for Cytotoxic Drug Production

Production of cytotoxic drugs:

A special responsibility for product, employee and patient!

Our portfolio of products, services and solutions for cytotoxic drug production:

The production of cytotoxic drugs occupies a special position in medication preparation, since it is produced individually for each patient according to formulation, (usually parenterally) and under aseptic conditions. Particular attention must be paid to product and personnel protection, and production requirements are particularly high.

During recent years, a lot has been done to improve the quality assurance in production. As a result national and international policies and guidelines have been established; also regulatory requirements were and are exacerbated in many European countries.

The reason for this is to minimise the risk and at the same time to improve the quality of production and of the final product, to protect employees to the benefit of critically ill patients for whom the drugs are made.

In this process, VWR understands itself as your partner for a safe and high quality production process. We are very aware of the special responsibility you have in your job and know about the challenges you face in ensuring compliance, qualification of the staff, validated production and the provision of security and quality of the product, operator, not forgetting patient protection.

Your contacts at VWR have many years of consulting experience in sterile production. They know that the production of every cytotoxic drug has different requirements and can give you competent advice regarding a customised supply. In the product area, we offer high quality - that goes without saying - but also tailor-made advice in the selection: for higher quality and efficiency, as well as a supply from a single source.

In addition, we offer services that optimise and secure your workflow. These services range from training of personnel to quality assurance and standardisation measures.