Avantor transitioning from paper packing lists to digital QR codes


What is happening?

As a part of Avantor’s sustainability commitment, we are introducing a packaging waste reduction initiative. You may have noticed that we added a QR code to our packaging in 2021 - this was the beginning of Avantor’s transition from the traditional paper delivery notes contained within the packaging of each order, to a QR code stamped onto a recyclable sticker located on the exterior of each package that already includes the customer’s address. By scanning the QR code, customers will be able to access their digital delivery note.

Do I have to adopt the QR code labeling at this time?

Customers currently have the option to opt-in to receive digital delivery notes for orders shipped from Avantor’s Distribution Centers. We encourage all customers to adopt the digital delivery notes to further enable their commitment to sustainability and efficiency. 

Why is Avantor doing this?

Transitioning from the traditional paper delivery notes to digital delivery notes will allow Avantor to further reduce its impact on the environment and achieve its sustainability goals moving forward. 

When will this transition take place?

Customers have the option to opt in for digital delivery notes for orders shipped from Avantor’s Distribution Centers effective immediately. Avantor’s goal is to fully convert to a digital packing list process by January 2023.

Will digital delivery notes be available for all Avantor deliveries?

Digital delivery notes will be available via a QR code for all deliveries that originate at an Avantor Distribution Center. 

Is this transition a part of a larger sustainability effort being undertaken by Avantor?

Yes. At Avantor, our commitment to sustainability ensures our everyday actions generate positive impact for the environment and society. With sustainability embedded throughout our business, we fulfill our mission of setting science in motion to create a better world.
As a global industry leader, we have a responsibility to deliver long-term value to our associates, customers, suppliers, shareholders, and communities

What is the environmental impact of switching to QR codes without a delivery note?

If all our customers in Europe adopted the QR code without delivery note, we could save 12-25 trees each year and avoid greenhouse gas emissions of 1.1-1.2 MTCO2e annually.

What other things is Avantor doing to further promote sustainability?

Please refer to our Sustainability section located on

How do I use a QR code to read what is contained in packaging from Avantor?

Instruction PDF

What if I do not want to convert to a QR code? 

Customers currently have the option to opt-in for digital delivery notes or remain using paper delivery notes. Please work with your sales representative to discuss all options available to you.

Will the paper delivery note continue to be sent with packages?

Paper delivery notes will continue to be sent unless you opt-in to receive digital delivery notes. Once the digital delivery note option has been turned on for a delivery location, the paper delivery note will no longer be sent with packages.

Security & how to get started

What device do I need to scan a QR code?

Mobile phones with a camera can read the QR code by using the camera feature to scan the QR code.
For Laptops or Desktop computers a scanning device connected to the computer is required to read the QR code.

Why is a secure log in required to access digital delivery notes?

Secure log in is required to limit the visibility of the package contents to departments within your company as well as other information available with the Passcode or as a Registered User.
Options for secure access to digital delivery notes:

1.    Passcode

The Passcode option is good for customers that have multi location sites with multiple delivery receivers.
User will have limited access to only view delivery notes after scanning the QR code. Limited access restricts user visibility from viewing orders, pricing, quotes.
To set up the Passcode option the designated company web administrator should contact: 
Once the Administrator has opted-in they will need to notify their goods receiving departments of the Passcode so that they can start to scan and download their digital delivery note.

How do I find out who is assigned as the company Administrator for digital delivery notes?

If you cannot access the digital packing list by using the Passcode, contact your Administrator to verify the Passcode.  
To identify your company Administrator, please contact :

Registered User

The Registered User option is required for users that require access to helpful tools that simplify procurement. To learn more on becoming a register user, please click here

Our company has several accounts, do I need to opt in for all accounts?

Opt-in is available for specific or all delivery accounts or all accounts. Once you have been through initial set up to activate digital delivery notes, you will be able to select which accounts are included within your profile. 

Ready to opt-in to digital packing lists and stop receiving paper delivery notes?

Logging In

Already have a profile?

If you have a profile, log in by entering your e-mail and password at the top of the page.  Logging in provides access to your account and personal settings. 
If you have a user profile and your company opts in, then you have automatic access.  

If you don’t have a user profile, then please refer to the next question.

To learn how, find written instructions here

How do I know my profile has been created?

Notification will be sent within 48 hours that your account is verified. 

Once the user profile is set up, how do I opt-in for digital delivery notes?

To opt-in for digital delivery notes, please contact

Who should I contact if the QR code is damaged, and the scanner cannot read the code?

If you have a personal login on our website, you can always retrieve the delivery note from the Order Status (WIMS) section. If not, please email or call us on: or tel: +43 1 97002-640. Please provide the order reference or delivery note number on the label and a digital delivery note will be sent to you via email.