Environmental Testing Solutions For Air, Water & Soil

Environmental protection is everyone’s business.

The rapid growth in public awareness, understanding and concern for environmental protection means authorities are constantly tightening regulations. Monitoring emissions to water, land and air are key issues throughout all industries.

From sampling to results!  

Years ago, analysis was carried out in small labs close to the point of sampling. Now most samples are analysed in purpose built laboratories equipped with the most up-to-date instruments, making sampling and the correct transport of the samples critical.

Mobile analytical equipment provides quantitative screening so only critical samples need to be sent for full laboratory evaluation. On-site analysis also has the benefit of being carried out in real time so can provide an up to the minute picture of an environmental system.

Simple visual analytical techniques such as strips and chemical kits using colour charts are ideal to give an approximate idea of the levels of a particular parameter and are extremely cost effective.

Avantor offers all you need, from sample collection to analysis, whether this is in the field or in your specialised lab, whether it concerns water or wastewater, air or soil.

If you need advice regarding special applications, please contact our specialists!

Sample Collection

In this section you will find sampling systems for air, water and soil, as well as containers, bags and bottles to correctly transport your sample.

Sampling tools

Whether you need to examine spores, pollen or other contaminants in air, all chemical parameters in water or soil, you will find a suitable sampling tool at Avantor.

Sampling containers

Whether you are looking for bags, containers or bottles with our without sodium thiosulphate, whether it needs to be small or large, discover the extended portfolio Avantor can offer!

Sample Preparation

Perfect analysis starts with perfect sample preparation. If the result is critical you need to choose your tools and chemicals carefully.

Filtration of environmental samples

Avantor offers specific products of different brands, like Pall or Whatman, to concentrate or to clean a sample before analysis. Prepare your sample with the right filter system for your application!

Extraction - lixiviation - mixing - grinding

Avantor offers a large selection of mills, blenders, overhead stirrers and homogenisers. We have overhead shakers for the lixiviation process, often used for environmental samples.
You will also find all you need for Soxhlet extraction, from thimbles to extractors and automatic extraction systems.

Ashing - digestion - distillation

Whether you want to determine an estimate of non volatile inorganic parts present in a sample by ashing, or you need to prepare your sample for Kjeldahl analysis with a digestor, kjeltabs, a distillation system and the chemicals needed, we have it all!

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Other workflows in sample preparation

We combined all kinds of choices for the workflows used in sample preparation, from easy to use consumables to chemicals and high-end products. Find all you need for...

Sample Analysis

Whether you want to analyse your sample in the field, in a small lab or in a well installed laboratory, you find what you need at Avantor.

Chemical analysis

Discover the fast analysis of parameters from aluminium to zinc, with many applications from Hach and other suppliers. Or check the environmental analysis for water, soil and air, where you can find all products you need for high quality analysis using our products. Do you need to determine BOD by dilution or respiration, or do you need to perform biodegradability testing? This and much more ...

Electrochemical analysis

All you need to know about measuring pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, redox and titration with videos that give technical information, and links to all the important brands, for basic field applications to high-end meters with data management of the future.

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Physical analysis

A selection of techniques to determine the degree of contamination in water, and more ...


Do you need to know if sludge is still active? Or do you want to check the microbiological quality of water? Find what you need on our microbiology and microscopy pages!

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Standards & Certified Reference Solutions

Using prepared standards and reference materials gives confidence in analytical results and removes the hassle of making and validating these in the laboratory. Use this selector when looking for a specific environmental standard.

Safety & Storage

Solutions for the protection of your workers and a safe workplace.

From PPE to first aid solutions, from gas detection to signs, also chemical safety storage cabinets to keep hazardous samples safe, spill control, waste disposal and cleaning supplies.

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