Organic synthesis with Thermo Scientific​​​​​​​ chemicals

Find compounds for each step of your organic synthesis workflow, including a wide variety of Thermo Scientific™ chemicals, catalysts, and reagents to progress your research with:

• Appropriate starting materials
• Increasing yield
• Supporting scale up

Whether you’re performing structural analysis and confirmation by NMR or using qualitative techniques, our products will help you complete your synthesis workflow. Scroll through a selection of our products below, or discover the entire range using our search bar.

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Building Blocks

Over 20,000 building blocks are available. A small selection of popular boronic acids and esters are listed here.

Organic Reagents

Our extensive range of functional and synthetic reagents, including air- and moisture sensitive products in industry-leading AcroSeal™ packaging.


Wide-ranging organometallics including Grignard reagents, organolithium and organozinc compounds, with options for concentration, purity and pack size.


Providing an extensive range of catalysts, including precious metal compounds and homogeneous catalysts in varying purities and concentrations.

Essential Chemicals

Our complete range of ‘essentials’ – from solvents to drying agents, acids and bases, to help create the perfect environment and achieve highest yields.

Purification products

Providing purification products, including solvents, silica and alumina, when you need them.

Analytical products

For IR, UV and NMR spectroscopy, our broad range includes deuterated products with pack sizes, purities, standards and stabilisers to suit your requirements.