Sustainable solutions

Protecting the health, safety and welfare of your people and the integrity of your processes is always the priority, but looking after the future of our planet is also essential.

At Avantor we would like to help you to make more sustainable product choices so we have curated a selection of more environmentally friendly safety and cleanroom supplies and services.

We are adding more innovative solutions to our portfolio each month, so please keep an eye on this location for new product introductions!

Discover our latest news in the Safety and Recycling areas

Environmentally preferable safety and workwear

A range of  personal protective equipment, safety and workwear that have a lower impact on the envirnment, whilst still providing the protection that you require.

Sustainable hygiene and disposal products

Cleaning consumables, spill control and waste disposal products designed with the future of the planet in mind.

Greener solutions for controlled environments

Take steps to reduce your carbon footprint by switching to more sustainable cleanroom consumables, chemicals and equipment.