Liquid Handling

Liquid handling is carried out in every laboratory from basic up to research applications.
VWR offers a complete range of solutions for every need of:

  • Applications and budget
  • Safety (i.e. biological, chemical or radioactive samples)
  • Ergonomics to prevent musculoskeletal injuries
  • Accredited pipette calibration and repair service


Thermo Scientific

Improve reproducibility and ergonomics with a complete range of Thermo Scientific™ liquid handling solutions...

VWR Electronic Pipette… Pipetting Made Simple

Lightweight ergonomics, easy to use, precise and reliable...

Dispensette® S and Dispensette® S Organic

Safe dispensing of aggressive chemicals

Automated Solutions

Microplate Washers

For simplified liquid handling - from single-tube dispensing to washing full 96- and 384-well plates.

Automated Nucleic Acid Purification Systems

Solutions that will increase throughput and standardization level during nucleic acid preparation.

Microplate Dispensers

Ensure reproduciblility and productivity during repetitive dispensing of plates

Pipettes & Tips

Single and Multichannel pipettes

Discover how you can improve your daily work with our selected solutions

Pipette tips

Cost-convenient, high quality tips for any application.

Robotic tips

For all automatic systems.

Repetitive Pipettes & Tips

Repetitive pipettes

Multiple dispensing from one reservoir in one product!

Dispenser tips

The precision Dispenser tips for your Repetitive pipette

Bottle Top Dispensers

Bottle-top dispensers

VWR offers you a choice of dispensers

Glass & Plastic Pipettes - Pipetting Aids

Graduated pipettes

From 0.1 ml to 100 ml, with or without graduations, varying accuracy depending on the task

Serological pipettes

From 0.1 ml to 100 ml, with or without graduations, with varying accuracy depending on the task, sterile, non-sterile and individually wrapped.

Transfer and Pasteur pipettes

Glass or plastic pasteur and transfer pipettes

Pipetting controllers

For safe and accurate filling of serological pipettes

Safety & Order In The Lab

Pipette stands

Universal pipette stands with a sleek, modern design to securely hold your pipettes.

Bench protectors

To help keep bench tops clean and safe from stains, spills and wear.

Workstation dispensers and organisers

For easy filling and dispensing of small laboratory items.

Disposal boxes for pipette tips

Suitable to handle pipette tips used with hazardous fluids.

Pipette Maintenance & Calibration

Pipette leak testing unit

With the PLT unit it's possible to check air displacement pipettes on a daily basis, providing a safeguard during the periods between calibrations.

Accredited pipette calibration and repair service from Avantor Services

A complete pipette service solution – in-house or on-site. Calibration and servicing of single- and multi-channel (electronic) pipettes, steppers and other liquid handling devices under ISO17025 accreditation.