Find a wide and growing range of spectrophotometers and biophotometers adapted to your needs.  Procure also others instruments, reagents, cuvettes for all your associated applications.

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Standards for spectrophotometer calibration

Calibration kit consisting of three gray glass filters to verify absorbance accuracy and a holmium oxide glass filter to verify wavelength accuracy.


VWR offer a total portfolio of VIS, UV/VIS, fluorescence and small volume spectrophotometers. The optical systems include single beam, split beam or double beam. Light source is either tungstem or xenon lamps.Spectrophotometers for life science or water a

Thermo Scientific

The Genesys Vis/UV-Vis spectrophotometers provide exceptional performance. Choose between VIS and UV/VIS spectrophotometers with sungle beam, split beam or double optical systems. Light sources can be either tungsten or xenon lamps.