Temperature Control Systems

Temperature control systems are widely used for many different cooling  and heating applications in life science, microbiology and chemical laboratories. 

VWR offers refrigerated circulators, chillers and heating circulators from a range of market leading suppliers such as Julabo, Huber, Lauda and Grant and also from our own VWR Collection. 

Let us help you to find the right circulator for your application. 

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What to consider before buying a circulator

  • Which application do you work with?
  • Are you working with internal or external applications? 
  • Do you need an open or closed system? 
  • What temperature range is needed?
  • Which temperature stability is needed?
  • Which heat up and cool down time is needed?
  • What cooling/heating requirement is needed (watts)?
  • Is an integrated programmer with time and temperature profiling needed?
  • What capacity (litres) is needed?
  • Which flow rate is needed?
  • Is a PT100 sensor required?


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Calculation of cooling requirement

It’s important to find the correct cooling requirement of an application. You can calculate the cooling requirement using this formula:

Watts in Celsius                      Watts = (ΔT° x (4,126) / S
ΔT° = Difference in temperature between inlet and outlet of fluid after passing thru the application
S = Time in seconds to fill a 1 l container.  For example if the known flow is 10 l per minute, then 60 seconds/10 l would be 6 seconds.  S = 6 seconds
4,126 = Conversion constant for density and specific heat for water

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