VEM - VWR Equipment Management

VWR Equipment Management is a smartphone and tablet-based interface for users and service providers who are currently using VWR’s Equipment Management solution.

Convenience – Visibility – Inventory & Service Asset Management

In many organizations, corporations, science and research institutes, equipment becomes a critical asset to any researcher’s work. VWR Equipment Management solution and the VWR Equipment Management app allows managing and monitoring equipment across the entire organization. An Equipment Management system is part of the quality system and thus is a crucial factor for customers to meet their compliance requirements. The VWR Equipment management solution effectively manages maintenance, calibrations, repairs, equipment inventory and numerous other regular activities. It will help to maintain equipment accountability for all assets.

The VWR Equipment app is integrated into the VWR Equipment Management solution and helps keep the staff and service providers connected with equipment while on-the-go.

Benefits of the VWR Equipment:

  • Register new equipment including taking photos
  • Identify equipment using QR codes or barcodes
  • Verify the location of a piece of an equipment
  • Check status of equipment repair schedules
  • Track and manage your service request and work orders
  • Create new service requests in the laboratory including taking photos for better documentation
  • Check-in and Check-out equipment

The routine maintenance and management of small purchases to high capital investment is essential when improving return on investment and thus decreasing cost of operation. The VWR Equipment Management solution takes this task off the individual users and manages equipment with an easy-to-use management software system.

VWR Equipment Management combines your equipment portfolio, maintenance scheduling, inventory and work order management together for quick and easy administration, tracking and decision-making.

Benefits of the VWR Equipment Management solution:

  • Cloud-based system supports mobile inventory management and provides a user-friendly interface
  • Tracks all equipment service management needs: service records, preventive maintenance schedules, creates work orders
  • Enables strategic procurement decisions based on information stored: total cost of ownership
  • Contract and warranty management
  • Runs reports and creates key performance indicators
  • Compares performance of manufacturers, service providers, vendors, etc

*Please note, in order to operate the VWR Equipment Management app, the VWR Equipment Management solution will need to be setup and configured. VWR can make an assessment of your needs and offer the appropriate product, training and support requirements. Please contact your local VWR office for an evaluation or