Protein A HP MultiTrap™, 96-well

Supplier: Cytiva
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Protein A HP MultiTrap™, 96-well
Microplates Filter Plates
Protein A Sepharose High Performance has high affinity for the Fc region of IgG from a variety of species.

  • Fast, reliable ease-of-use format for small-scale purification of antibodies or enrichment of proteins of interest
  • Prepacked 96-well filter plates that are ready to use
  • Flexible format, with protocols for classic elution and cross-link method
  • Elution conditions formatted for both electrophoresis and LC-MS analysis workflows
  • Fast binding kinetics and high capacity provides high yield
  • Easy scale-up with HiTrap Protein A HP prepacked columns
  • Prepacked with Protein A Sepharose High Performance for coupling of antibodies of IgG subclasses
  • MultiTrap 96-well filter plates can be used with centrifugation or vacuum, manually or in automated robotic systems

The two options in the protein enrichment protocol allow the attached antigen (protein of interest) to be eluted separately (cross-link protocol) or together with the antibody (classic protocol). Remember to order the collection plates for washing and elution of the enriched protein.

There is also a protocol for efficient, small-scale purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies from serum and cell culture supernatants in less than 20 minutes. No pretreatment of the sample is required.
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