Centrifuge tubes

Supplier: Greiner bio-one

391-3470EA 258 EUR
391-3470 525-0407 212-3166 525-0406 525-0405 212-3168 391-3476 391-3465
Centrifuge tubes
Tubes Centrifuge Tubes
Transparent PS or PP, 2-position ventilation stopper, round bottom, sterile.

  • PS tubes without graduations, good thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance, centrifugation RFC 5000×g (fix-angle rotor) or 4800×g (swinging-bucket rotor)
  • PP tubes with graduations; high thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance, centrifugation RCF 34000×g (fix-angle rotor) or 5800×g (swinging-bucket rotor)
  • The ventilation stopper has two functions: when pushed in gently, it provides uniform ventilation of the tube contents; when pushed in firmly, it provides a tight seal
  • Free from DNase/RNase and human DNA, non-pyrogenic

Ordering information: Available in packs of 25 or wrapped individually.
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