Reciprocating shakers, KS 15 B and KS 15 B control

Supplier: Edmund Bühler

444-9220EA 1911 EUR
444-9220 444-9222
Reciprocating shakers, KS 15 B and KS 15 B control
Shakers Reciprocating Shakers
Reciprocating shakers, which are suitable for continuous or timer operation. The optional universal tray accepts a maximum of 5×1000 ml or 9×500 ml flask clamps; Combifix rack system accommodates 4×1000 or 6×500 ml Erlenmeyer flasks. Variety of different vessels can be accommodated by choosing from the range of optional attachments.

  • KS 15 B has analogue control, KS 15 B control has digital display and a new programmable control with extended functionality
  • Continuous operation or timer operation from 0 to 120 min (KS 15 B), and continuous operation or programmable (KS 15 B control)
  • Infinitely variable speed control
  • Can be used at 5 to 50 °C (85% relative humidity), in an incubator or cold room
  • Can be used with incubator hood TH 15 at ambient +5 to 50 °C with accuracy of ±1% of the set value

Ordering information: Supplied without universal tray or rack system, accessories must be ordered separately. Please see shaking incubator entries for TH 15 incubator hood or contact your local Avantor office for more information.

Caution: Universal tray KS accommodates a maximum 68×10, 34×25, 27×50, 24×100, 15×250, 9×500, 5×1000 or 2×2000 ml flasks or 4 test tube racks. The tray holds 4×100, 3×250, 2×500, 1×1000 or 1×2000 ml separating funnels.

** Accessory tube racks and flask clamps must be ordered separately. Please contact Avantor for details.
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