Autoclaves, LABOKLAV 25

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Autoclaves, LABOKLAV 25
Sterilisers Autoclaves (Steam Sterilisers)
These compact benchtop units with a 25 litre useable chamber offers a large capacity and the performance of a big autoclave. The unit has a chamber door and a transparent front cover made from resistant safety glass, LED chamber illumination and coloured lighting to visualise the cycle progress. No feed water or waste water connection required, fan for fast cooling on some models, the user has only to plug it in and start. In stainless steel, chamber door made from heat-proof safety glass.

  • Integrated steam generator with dry heating elements, their lifetime is increased when not immersed in water
  • Fully automatic closing system with thermal locking device to avoid over-boiling and to protect the operator
  • Front cover from transparent safety glass and process illumination (LED); blue, red, green
  • Sensor as standard which measures the temperature inside the bottles for liquids sterilisation
  • RS232 and RS485 interface

Capacity: 25 L (example 5×1 litre laboratory flasks or up to 5 kg instruments or waste).

Certifications: Fully compliant with DIN 58951 and TRB 402 (thermo locking device).

Caution: Please contact your local Avantor office for clarifying the correct model / features that suit your application.
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