Centrifugal devices, Microsep™ Advance

Supplier: Pall Laboratory
516-0376EA 216 EUR
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Centrifugal devices, Microsep™ Advance
Filters Centrifugal Filters
These centrifugal devices provide a precise, quick recovery of microlitre volumes of concentrate.

  • High recoveries, typically greater than 90%
  • Deadstop to prevent samples from spinning to dryness
  • Fits centrifuges that accept standard 17×100 mm tubes

Applications: Concentrate dilute protein samples prior to electrophoresis. Exchange buffer and remove salt in samples. Remove proteins and particulate from samples for HPLC analysis of drugs, amino acids, and antibodies. Isolate low molecular weight compounds from fermentation broths for natural product screening. Recover biomolecules from cell culture supernatants or lysates. Clarify samples with gross particulate.
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