Stereo zoom microscopes, Stemi 305

Supplier: Zeiss

630-2626EA 0 EUR
630-2626 ZEIS4919030006000 630-2625 630-2624
Stereo zoom microscopes, Stemi 305
Stemi 305 are compact Greenough stereo microscopes with 5:1 zoom for biological education, labs and industrial production environments.

  • Three-dimensional and crisp images
  • Integrated LED illuminations: Near vertical and oblique reflected light, as well as transmitted light
  • White LEDs generate bright light of day­light colour
  • Can easily be operated, also by untrained users
  • Trinocular model provides a phototube for connection to any ZEISS Axiocam microscope camera

Choice between predefined microscope sets for education, industrial production and laboratory to get the optimal illumination equipment.

Stemi 305 Edu:
- LED spot, zoomable and height adjustable, for oblique and grazing light illumination with strong shadow
- Flat transmitted light base for brightfield and darkfield illumination

Stemi 305 Mat:
- LED segmentable ring light for shadow free ring illumination and oblique light segment illumination: half circle, quarter circle, two-spot
- Rotating illuminating segments
-ESD properties: anti-static coating of microscope body and stand

Stemi 305 Lab:
- Double arm gooseneck, self-carrying, for variable oblique light illumination with distinct shadow effect
- Tiltable mirror base for brightfield, darkfield and oblique light illumination

Ordering information: Eyepieces are included.
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