Collagen I cell culture plates, Corning® BioCoat™

Supplier: Corning Life Sciences
Corning® BioCoat™
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Collagen I cell culture plates, Corning® BioCoat™
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PS coated with rat tail collagen type I. Collagen is an integral part of the framework that holds cells and tissues together and has been recognised as a useful matrix for improving cell culture. In vitro use of collagen can exert effects on the adhesion, morphology, growth, migration, and differentiation of a variety of cell types. Applications include promotion of cell attachment and spreading, rapid expansion of cell populations, serum-free or reduced serum culture, studies of the effects of collagen I on cell behaviour, improving survival of primary cell lines in culture, and cell adhesion assays.

  • Uniform application of rat tail collagen type I for consistent performance
  • Manufactured in a highly controlled environment, and rigorously tested to assure product consistency and performance
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