BOD and respirometric measurements, Bluetooth®, OxiTop®-IDS

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BOD and respirometric measurements, Bluetooth®, OxiTop®-IDS
BOD Measurement Systems
OxiTop®-IDS (Intelligent Digital Sensors) is a modern measuring instrument for use in all kinds of respirometric studies. The versatile OxiTop®-IDS is suitable for both aerobic or anaerobic examinations. All heads can be used independently from any meter for normal BOD measurements between 1 and 7 days.

  • Representation of curves for monitoring
  • Parallel measurement of different examinations and methods
  • Backlit graphic LCD supports parameter input and user information also polling of interim results
  • Direct calculation no need to convert data - direct input of sample volume (select from 22,7 / 43,5 / 97,0 / 164 / 250 / 365 / 432 ml)
  • Export to data acquisition programs
  • Pressure range: 500 to 1250 hPa and OxiTop®-IDS/B: 500 to 1500 hPa
  • Flashing LED shows status: Blue: Measurement in progress. Green: Measurement terminated. Red: New battery required, or the pressure in the vessel exceeds a given limit
  • Adjustable measurement periods between 0,5 hours and 180 days (only with Multi 3620/3630 IDS)

OxiTop® -IDS has an extended BOD measurement up to 400 000 mg/L for industrial wastewater plants, units are ideal for measuring soil respiration, microbiological activity, biogas determination and various degradation tests (plastic in sea water).

OxiTop®-IDS uses Bluetooth® connectivity for convenient operation via one of the multi-parameter instruments Multi 3630 IDS or Multi 3620 IDS. A firmware update from the web for existing Multis is available. This allows the measurement of pH/mV, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and turbidity, in addition to all OxiTop® applications.

Ordering information: Sets are available for the most common applications, including measuring heads, suitable vessels and additional accessories. The appropriate Multi 3620 IDS or 3630 IDS must be ordered separately, additionally a wireless module IDS WLM M (665-0423) is required

Delivery information: CO₂ absorber NHP 600 is no longer included in the sets, and sodium hydroxide pellets NHP 600 (209140) have to be ordered separately. Please contact your local Avantor representative for more information.
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