RESPIROMETRIC sensor systems for BOD, aerobic and anaerobic respiration

Supplier: VELP Scientifica
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RESPIROMETRIC sensor systems for BOD, aerobic and anaerobic respiration
BOD Measurement Systems
The VELP RESPIROMETRIC sensor is designed to provide a smart, cloud-enabled solution to laboratories to perform multiple aerobic and anaerobic respiration tests. The RESPIROMETRIC sensor has a unique wireless control that transmits data directly to the PC through the wireless DataBox and RESPIROSoft™ software. The RESPIROMETRIC sensor has premium connectivity to the exclusive VELP Ermes Cloud Platform for remote control and remote assistance.

  • Powerful pressure sensor reading results in the range of 500 to 2000 mbar (hPa)
  • Bright 4-digit LED display ensures long battery life
  • Intuitive two button interface to facilitate analysis set-up
  • Results available in BOD (mg/L) and pressure (mbar)
  • BOD scales: 90, 250, 600, 1000, 4000
  • Automatic pressure results conversion in BOD

VELP has created different systems that contain all the required parts and accessories in order to be operational right from the start, suitable for aerobic and anaerobic applications.

RESPIROMETRIC Sensor System 6 for BOD
Ideal for BOD, assessment of disinfection on BOD and biodegradation of monomers.

RESPIROMETRIC Sensor System 6 MAXI for BMP and anaerobic respiration tests
The RESPIROMETRIC Sensor System MAXI is designed to support anaerobic respiration studies to determine the Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP) of biomass.

RESPIROMETRIC Sensor System 6 for aerobic biodegradability of plastics
The RESPIROMETRIC Sensor System for plastic biodegradability is designed to support aerobic degradation test for the determination of the degree of aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials, including those containing formulation additives, in an aqueous medium.

RESPIROMETRIC Sensor System 6 for aerobic soil and compost respiration tests
Designed to support aerobic degradation tests on soil and compost. The analysis provides microbial soil respiration results from the mineralisation of organic substances.

Certifications: CE declaration of conformity.

Ordering information: 3 year warranty after product registration (within 60 days of purchase date).
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