VWR®, Automated Cell Counters

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VWR®, Automated Cell Counters
Cell Counters and Flow Cytometers Automated Cell Counters
Save time and reduce variability with VWR® automated cell counter and VWR® automated cell counter Fluo. Intelligent image recognition and advanced optical imaging technology to achieve accurate and automatic cell analysis, cell concentration and cell size determination.

  • Wide application: cell counting, cell viability, AO/PI staining, cell transfection efficiency, cell expression
  • All-in-one machine with a compact design
  • Dual channel option in VWR® automated cell counter Fluo
  • 3 interchangeable fluorescent cubes (green, blue, red)
  • Cell counting slide consumables with 2 chambers
  • Accurate cell identification in only 9 seconds
  • User friendly UI with easy operation
  • Adjustable parameters (focus, brightness, cell size range, roundness range)
  • Data recording system can save more than 1000 counting reports

VWR® automated cell counter Fluo dual channel: detachable building block design enables easy installation and replacement of the fluorescent cubes. Fluorescent cubes sold separately. FL Cube blue for DAPI, Hoechst, BFP FL cube green for acridine orange(AO), Calcein-AM, Alexa fluor 488, SYBR green, FITC, GFP FL cube red for propidium iodide(PI), DsRed, dTomato, RFP.

Certifications: CE and UKCA marked.
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