Laemmli loading buffer, 4X

Supplier: VWR Life Science
M337-5MLEA 23.8 EUR
M337-5ML M337-25ML
Laemmli loading buffer, 4X
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Laemmli loading buffer, 4X is formulated for use in Laemmli SDS-PAGE, a widely used system for protein electrophoresis. Mixing Laemmli loading buffer, 4X with samples reduces disulphide bonds and denatures the proteins due to the 2-mercaptoethanol and SDS detergent content of the buffer. The binding of SDS to denatured protein imparts uniform negative charge density so that separation on the gel is based on size. Glycerol is included in the loading buffer as a density agent to ensure the samples sink into the sample wells, while bromophenol blue serves as tracking dye to monitor electrophoretic progression.
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