HPLC columns, BetaBasic™

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
HYPE71503-054030EA 727 EUR
HYPE71503-054030 HYPE71503-052130 HYPE71405-014001 HYPE71705-052130 HYPE71405-052130 HYPE71405-104630 HYPE71705-154630 HYPE71403-154630 HYPE71805-254630 HYPE71503-034630 HYPE71503-054630 HYPE71705-254630 HYPE71605-154630 HYPE71503-104630 HYPE71405-154630 HYPE71705-014001 HYPE71805-154630 HYPE71503-012101 HYPE71503-154630 HYPE71803-012101 HYPE71505-254630 HYPE71503-014001 HYPE71505-104630 HYPE71505-154630 HYPE71605-052130 HYPE71505-014006 HYPE71503-102130 HYPE71503-153030 HYPE71505-052130 HYPE71505-014001
HPLC columns, BetaBasic™
Chromatography Columns
The BetaBasic™ HPLC columns with its pH stability and with a pore size of 150 Å are ideal for small molecules, peptides and protein digests and are suitable for LC/MS applications.
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