Horizontal electrophoresis systems, kuroGEL Maxi 20

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Horizontal electrophoresis systems, kuroGEL Maxi 20
Electrophoresis Systems Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Systems
The kuroGEL Maxi 20 Horizontal gel electrophoresis unit is ideal for high resolution analytical and preparative studies of nucleic acids. Large format, 20×20 cm, gel tray is ideal for high resolution techniques, such as screening PCR products and RFLP analysis.

  • Multi channel pipette compatible combs, with a maximum 42-sample throughput reduce gel loading time
  • Buffer recirculation ports can be connected to a peristaltic pump for buffer recirculation during electrophoresis to maintain buffer pH and prevent ionic gradient formation
  • Coloured loading strips for easy well detection when loading
  • UV-transparent acrylic casting tray allows the user to handle the gel on the transilluminator with minimum risk of exposure to hazardous ethidium bromide
  • Side handles, for safe and easy transportation around the laboratory

Gel tank supplied with removable casting tray; 2×1,0 mm thick, 16-sample combs; coloured loading strips and buffer recirculation ports

Combs for kuroGEL Maxi 20
Combs are colour coded and height adjustable, offering complete control over loading volume and well depth to a maximum 168-sample throughput. Four comb positions at 5 cm intervals along the tray for faster separation of multiple samples.
Comb slots: 4; comb thickness: 1,0, 1,5 or 2,0 mm; comb throughput: 16 to 40 samples.

Accessories for kuroGEL Maxi 20
Casting options: Casting gates with integral silicone seals effectively seal the tray without the need for tape, provided the silicone gasket faces outwards. 20 cm long Super-Seals offer total versatility in casting, allowing the gel length to be tailored to each user's personal requirements.
Coloured loading strips (optional) aid visualisation during gel loading. Available in three different colours for easy visualisation of samples mixed with dyes such as bromophenol and xylene cyanol. Each colour strip has an adhesive backing allowing it to be easily affixed and removed with each application.
Gel scoops (optional) are ideal for safe and easy transfer of gels from staining or destaining tanks to a transilluminator or similar surface.

*Multi channel pipette compatible
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