Multi-parameter meter (pH/conductivity/DO), bench, pHenomenal® MU 6100 L, VWR®

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VWR® pHenomenal®
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Multi-parameter meter (pH/conductivity/DO), bench, pHenomenal® MU 6100 L, VWR®
Electrochemical Meters pH and Multi-Parameter Meters
This user friendly instrument, with articulated electrode stand and IP 43-rated housing, provides high resolution and accuracy for precise multi-parameter measurements. This meter can either measure pH/mV and conductivity or pH/mV and oxygen simultaneously. Complete with USB output for connection to a computer. GLP compliant.

  • Large graphic LCD with continuous LED backlight shows the measured parameter and the temperature value simultaneously
  • Data logging function selectable between 1 min and 1 h; memory capacity of 5000 data sets
  • Automatic power shut-off: Adjustable from 10 min to 24 h
  • Automatic buffer recognition of DIN and NIST buffers (1,68 / 4,00 / 6,86 / 9,18 / 12,54)
  • Three additional technical buffers at 25 °C (4,00 / 7,00 / 10,00) in memory
  • Advanced self-test and diagnostics (electrode efficiency diagnostic, drift control); calibration symbol shows when recalibration is required
  • Low energy consumption. Choice of mains supply or 4× AA batteries for over 1000 operating hours

Ordering information: Ready to use MU 6100 L S1 kit includes bench multi-parameter meter, glass pH electrode 221 with built-in temperature sensor (1 m cable), conductivity probe CO 11 with built-in temperature sensor (1,5 m cable), articulated stand, two pH buffers, one conductivity standard and one plastic beaker, and instruction manual (22 languages) on CD ROM. The MU 6100 L S2 kit also includes a galvanic oxygen probe OX 11-3 with built-in temperature sensor (3 m cable).
Conductivity probes for low conductivities are available on request. Please contact your local Avantor sales office for further information.
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