Cell strainers for 1000 µl pipette tips, Flowmi™, SP Bel-Art

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Cell strainers for 1000 µl pipette tips, Flowmi™, SP Bel-Art
Cell Strainers
Scienceware® Flowmi™ cell strainers provide fast and efficient filtering of small volume samples (up to 1000 µl) prior to FLOW or FACS analysis. Patent pending.

  • Preserves volume when filtering small sample volumes
  • Removes cell aggregates and creates uniform single cell suspensions
  • Decreases the potential for clogging of FLOW or FACS instruments by effectively filtering cellular debris
  • Sterile: 40 or 70 µm porosity

Flowmi™ is recommended for use with samples having a maximum concentration of 2 million cells/ml (40 µm) or 4 million cells/ml (70 µm). Use with pipette tips; Flowmi™ fits most 1000 µl tips including Fisherbrand Sure-One, VWR, Axygen, Nichiryo and Eppendorf and more. Compact tray holds 50 Flowmi™ cell strainers ready for press and fit attachment to your tip; features a sliding cover for easy, one-handed use.

Packaging: Packed in a re-sealable bag to maintain sterility when used in a laminar flow or biohazard hood.

Caution: Sterilised products are not returnable.
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