Micro pipette tips, solid phase extraction, HyperSep™

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
HYPE60109-213EA 350 EUR
HYPE60109-213 HYPE60109-205 HYPE60109-209 HYPE60109-214 HYPE60109-210 HYPE60109-215 HYPE60109-202 HYPE60109-206 HYPE60109-204 HYPE60109-211 HYPE60109-217 HYPE60109-208 HYPE60109-218 HYPE60109-201 HYPE60109-203 HYPE60109-212 HYPE60109-207 HYPE60109-216
Micro pipette tips, solid phase extraction, HyperSep™
Pipette Tips
HyperSep™ Tip is a revolutionary micro pipette tip for sample preparation in which the chromatographic media is directly attached to the inner surface of the tip without using polymers or glue. This avoids potential problems with contamination or permeability and maximises the surface area of the chromatographic media in contact with the sample.

  • Ideal when working with small samples
  • Tips contain just the desired chromatography material and nothing else
  • Available with a range of materials to suit a wide range of applications
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