Micro pipette tips, solid phase extraction, HyperSep™ SpinTip

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
HyperSep™ SpinTip
HYPE60109-402EA 279 EUR
HYPE60109-402 HYPE60109-418 HYPE60109-420 HYPE60109-406 HYPE60109-408 HYPE60109-407 HYPE60109-404 HYPE60109-413 HYPE60109-401 HYPE60109-412 HYPE60109-419 HYPE60109-417 HYPE60109-422 HYPE60109-415 HYPE60109-416 HYPE60109-424 HYPE60109-425 HYPE60109-414 HYPE60109-403 HYPE60109-410 HYPE60109-405 HYPE60109-409 HYPE60109-421 HYPE60109-411
Micro pipette tips, solid phase extraction, HyperSep™ SpinTip
Pipette Tips
HyperSep SpinTip is a unique concept in solid phase extraction (SPE). The tips feature a fine slit at the bottom (slit width 1 - 2 μm) which permits liquid to pass through but retains the chromatographic material (20 - 30 μm) in the tip. This also eliminates the need for a filter and, thus, dead volume.

  • Ideal when working with small samples
  • Tips contain just the desired chromatography material and nothing else
  • Available with a range of materials to suit a wide range of applications
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