Culture media, ready to use, in plates


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Culture media, ready to use, in plates
Media for Microbiology Prepared Media for Microbiology Prepared Media in Petri Dishes
The product range includes a full line of pre-poured 90 mm or 150 mm Petri dishes for a wide range of different applications, such as enumeration, isolation, detection and cultivation of bacteria as well as yeast and moulds. In order to choose the best packaging for each kind of use, both small packs of 20 plates and bulk packs of 100 plates are available for each kind of plate.

  • Ready to use media in 90 mm Petri dishes
  • Item number and the expiry date are imprinted on every plate for safe and easy product identification and shelf life monitoring

Packaging: 2 or 10 sets of 10 shrink-wrapped plates
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