Glass wool, Supelco®

Supplier: Merck
20411.EA 74.3 EUR
20411. 20410. 20383. 20409. 21688-U 20384.
Glass wool, Supelco®
Glass and Cotton Wool
Wool plugs are often used in GC inlet liners to improve sample vaporization, and/or to keep non-volatile material from entering the column. They can also be used in packed GC columns, solvent desorption tubes, thermal desorption tubes, and purge traps to retain packed beds.

Silanised: For general purpose use

Pesticide Grade (Silanised): For applications that involve active analytes, such as organochlorine and/or organophosphorous pesticides.

Phosphoric acid treated: For acidic compounds such as barbiturates, free fatty acids, etc.

Non-treated: For special application where the user deactivates based on their intended analytes
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