Exact-Temp thermometers

Supplier: Ludwig Schneider
SCNL7010112/04/2PEA 313 EUR
SCNL7010112/04/2P SCNL7010115/04/2P SCNL7000113/04/2P SCNL8010143 SCNL7000116/04/2P SCNL8010144 SCNL8010145 SCNL8010146 SCNL8010147 SCNL8010148 SCNL8010112/04/2P SCNL7000113 SCNL7000114 SCNL7000115 SCNL7000116 SCNL7000111 SCNL7000112 SCNL7010116 SCNL7010116/04/2P SCNL7010111 SCNL7000114/04/2P SCNL7010113/04/2P SCNL7010114 SCNL7010115 SCNL7010112 SCNL8000145. SCNL7010113 SCNL8000144 SCNL8000147 SCNL7000117 SCNL8000146 SCNL8000116 SCNL8000117 SCNL7000111/04/2P SCNL7010114/04/2P SCNL7000115/04/2P SCNL8000111 SCNL8000114 SCNL8000115 SCNL8000112 SCNL8000113 SCNL7010111/04/2P SCNL7000112/04/2P SCNL8010111 SCNL8010112 SCNL8010113 SCNL8010114 SCNL8010115 SCNL8000143. SCNL8010116
Exact-Temp thermometers
Thermometers Analogue Thermometers
Red or blue filling. Coating: PTFE/FEP, transparent.

  • Available as digital or conventional thermometers (organic or mercury filling, with/without safety coating)
  • Unbreakable plastic bottles, attached magnets for easy wall or door mounting, individual serial number
  • All thermometers are encapsulated in a high grade safety coating to protect contents, users and environment from splintered glass or display fluid leakage (PTFE/FEP, transparent)

High precision instruments to monitor freezers, ultra-low freezers, blood bank freezers, refrigerators, incubators and ovens, as well as climate chambers.

Certifications: Thermometers traceable to international standards (with certificate of conformance and accuracy).

Ordering information: Available with works certificate or with DAkkS calibration certificate (optional).

Delivery information: Supplied with certificate of conformity.
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