Syringe pumps, PHD 22/2000 advanced

Supplier: Harvard Apparatus
HARV70-2003EA 10290 EUR
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Syringe pumps, PHD 22/2000 advanced
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The PHD 22/2000 syringe pump series gives you the lowest flow rates, the highest accuracy, the smoothest flow, advanced programmability from the keypad. Ideal for applications in drug/nutritional delivery, electrospinning, microfluidics/nanofluidics and mass spec calibration.

  • High accuracy and precision
  • Multi-syringe racks available for large capacity reservoir
  • Smooth flow over a wide flow rate range

The standard 2-syringe rack: holds two syringes from 0,5 µl or 140 ml.

The 4×140 multi-rack: holds four 60 ml or 140 ml plastic syringes only.

The 6/10 multi-rack: will hold up to 10 syringes from 0,5 µl to 20 ml and up to 6 syringes from 30 to 60 ml.

The microliter syringe rack: independently holds four microliter syringes, from 0,5 µl to 10 ml, enabling syringes of different sizes to run simultaneously.

The push/pull syringe pump: holds four syringes, two in each direction, for syringe sizes 0,5 µl to 140 ml.
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