Electrophoresis running buffers

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Electrophoresis running buffers
Buffers Electrophoresis Buffers Running Buffers
There are many electrophoresis running buffers including: TAE running buffer (50×), TBE running buffer (10×), TBE-urea sample buffer, MOPS running buffer (10×), and MOPS/ SDS running buffer (20×). These include the SDS-PAGE sample loading buffer, SDS-PAGE running buffer, native sample loading buffer, tris glycine native gel running buffer, tricine sample buffer, tris-tricine, tris-tricine-SDS, MES SDS running buffer, MOPS/ SDS running buffer, IEF anode buffer, IEF cathode buffer, zymogram sample buffer, zymogram renature buffer, zymogram development buffer and the discontinuous buffer system.

  • The TAE running buffer (50×) contains 2 M Tris-acetate and 0,05 M EDTA (at a pH of 8,3)
  • The TBE running buffer (10×) contains 0,9 M Tris-borate and 0,01 M EDTA (at a pH of 8,3)
  • The MOPS running buffer (20×) contains 200 mM MOPS (at a pH of 7,0), 80 mM sodium acetate and 10 mM EDTA

TBE-urea sample buffer is a loading buffer used to resolve single-stranded DNA oligos or RNA into sharp, distinct bands. The TBE-urea sample buffer is for the analysis and purification of products ranging from 20 to 800 bases, making them an ideal choice for synthetic oligo analysis and purification, RNase protection assays (RPA), in vitro transcription studies and northern blot analysis.
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