Multi-parameter meter, handheld, HandyLab 680

Supplier: SI Analytics

SCOI285204680EA 1463 EUR
Multi-parameter meter, handheld, HandyLab 680
Electrochemical Meters pH and Multi-Parameter Meters
This waterproof two-channel measuring device for pH/mV, conductivity and DO measures two parameters simultaneously. It is designed to be used with IDS sensors and ideal for field operations.

  • IDS technolog eliminates interferences, increases the measuring accuracy and avoids unnecessary recalibration
  • CMC (Continuous Measurement Control): Vsualizes whether the measuring value is within the calibration range
  • QSC (Quality Sensor Control): Informs about the actual condition of the electrode and therefore increases operation safety
  • Transmission of all data in *.csv format: Via USB interface to the PC or the USB memory stick, or, as formatted transfer to Excel by means of MultiLabImporter (included in the delivery)

The HL680pHTris set is supplied with pHTcombination electrode IL-pHT-A170MF-IDS and Z389 (for measurement in tris buffers), and standard case.

Delivery information: The HL680pHVersatile set is supplied with HandyLab 680 meter, pHTcombination electrode A7780 IDS and Z389 (for versatile applications), and standard case.
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