Bottles, clear or amber glass, DURAN® PURE

Supplier: DWK Life Sciences
SCOT818061406EA 267.4 EUR
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Bottles, clear or amber glass, DURAN® PURE
Bottles Glass Bottles
DURAN® PURE bottles clear or amber, with GL thread and dust cover. DURAN® PURE is a range of primary packaging products dedicated to the specific requirements and needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Made from DURAN® borosilicate glass 3.3 Type I
  • Protective dust cover is applied in-line at the end of the manufacturing process while the glass still has a very high level of cleanness
  • Lot specific certificate of conformance is available via 'Retrace Code' internet download (includes USP, Ph. Eur., JP analysis per lot)
  • 100 % lot traceability of DURAN® PURE Bottles and cap components
  • Registered as Type III: Packaging Material Drug Master Files (DMF)

The bottles and closures in the range fully meet the requirements laid down in the international pharmacopoeias, and offer full protection for sensitive and valuable pharmaceutical products. DURAN® PURE products are available with a full range of documents and certification that meet the detailed requirements of the regulatory authorities.
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