HPLC columns, Acclaim™ AmG C18

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
555-7431EA 217 EUR
555-7431 555-7433 555-7430 555-7432 555-7428 555-7429
HPLC columns, Acclaim™ AmG C18
Chromatography Columns
These columns are designed for ion pairing reversed phase HPLC (IP-RPLC) analysis of aminoglycoside antibioticss, including drug purity characterisation and quantification, therapeutic drug monitoring and residual control testing in meat / poultry. The Acclaim™ AmG C18 stationary phase is based on a proprietary C18 bonding technology that provides extremely high stability towards acidic conditions.

  • Great selectivity and high resolution for the aminoglycoside antibiotics analysis
  • Stable at low pH, high temperature, organic solvents and aqueous mobile phases
  • Can be used with UV, CAD, ELSD detectors
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