General purpose thermometers, eco-friendly

Supplier: Ludwig Schneider
SCNL64299EA 13.4 EUR
SCNL64299 SCNL64297/60829 SCNL64297 SCNL64298 SCNL64295 SCNL64296 SCNL64293 SCNL64294/60831 SCNL64294 SCNL64302/60828 SCNL64292/60829 SCNL64300/80 SCNL64293/80 SCNL64295/80 SCNL64293/60829 SCNL64297/80 SCNL64301/80 SCNL64300/60829 SCNL64295/60828 SCNL64299/80 SCNL64298/60829 SCNL64291/80 SCNL64300 SCNL64291/60829 SCNL64301/60828 SCNL64296/60828 SCNL64301 SCNL64302 SCNL64294/80 SCNL64296/80 SCNL64299/60829 SCNL64302/80 SCNL64291 SCNL64292 SCNL64298/80 SCNL64292/80
General purpose thermometers, eco-friendly
Thermometers Analogue Thermometers
These general purpose thermometers are eco friendly.

  • Blue filling, stem type
  • Round, white back capillary form
  • Permanent graduations and lettering
  • Serial number and certificate (conformance and accuracy)
  • Ø: 6±1 mm

With safety coating:
Highly transparent FEP/PTFE covering protects it from contamination and infiltration
Can be used as a stirring thermometer
Suitable for temperatures up to 250 °C
Quick response time

Delivery information: Complete with metal protection case, screw cap and loop.
Material: Nickel plated

Packaging: Single packed in plastic square outer covering.
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