Precision saccharometers with different spans

Supplier: Ludwig Schneider
SCNL3281121EA 17.6 EUR
SCNL3281058 SCNL3281057 SCNL3281059 SCNL3281076 SCNL3281054 SCNL3281075 SCNL3281053 SCNL3281056 SCNL3281121 SCNL3281055 SCNL3281072 SCNL3281071 SCNL3281082 SCNL3281052 SCNL3281074 SCNL3281073 SCNL3281051 SCNL3281081
Precision saccharometers with different spans
These precision saccharometers with different measuring spans are designed with or without thermometer.

  • Suitable for calibration

Saccharometers according to Brix and according to Balling are used to dertermine the sugar content. Degrees Brix or Balling are equivalent.

Reference temperature: 20 °C

Ordering information: Available with a works or a DAkks calibration certificate on request.

Packaging: In a square plastic sleeve.
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