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VWRU35123-462EA 0 EUR
VWRU35123-462 VWRU35123-450 VWRU35123-382 VWRU35123-370 VWRU35123-380 VWRU35125-809 VWRU35125-729 VWRU35125-707 VWRU35123-406 VWRU35123-428 VWRU35125-649 VWRU35123-404 VWRU35123-448 VWRU35123-426 VWRU35123-304 VWRU35123-326 VWRU35123-348 VWRU35125-671 VWRU35125-682 VWRU35123-368 VWRU35125-831 VWRU35125-784 VWRU35125-751 VWRU35125-762
These hydrometers are designed for industries such as food and beverage, chemicals, pharmacology, transportation and refrigeration.

  • Specific gravity of petroleum products, heavy and light liquids
  • Lead free metal ballast
  • Corrections to one tenth of the smallest division

Certifications: Traceable to NIST and DAkkS. Calibration conforms with A2LA accreditions. ASTM calibrated.

Delivery information: Supplied with calibration report.
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