Loop sterilisers, SteriMax smart

Supplier: WLD-TEC GmbH
WART4.001.000EA 829 EUR
Loop sterilisers, SteriMax smart
Sterilisers Loop Sterilisers
SteriMax smart is made of stainless steel and safety glass with a touch panel and thus offers many advantages even for extreme laboratory conditions.

  • High-speed annealing and sterilisation, contactless IR sensor technology
  • Immediate operational readiness without heating up phase
  • Adjustable sterilization and cooling timers for two users via touch operation
  • Easy cleaning of device and glow tube
  • Efficient use of energy and minimal heat emission
  • Cool touch housing made of stainless steel and safety glass

Ideally suited for all laboratories, anaerobic work environments and safety cabinets. Special glow tube made of quartz glass. Closed at the ends, it avoids any risk of contamination with pathogenic material.

Specially focused infrared light generates an IR hot spot and sterilizes the inoculation loop at a temperature of 750 to 1000 °C in just 5 to 10 seconds with energy from the socket, immediately and without any preheating.

Thermocontrol is the key element for an efficient use of power. It allows for quick but smooth softstart of the infrared light, a short heating period and the re-use of residual heat for the next sterilization process, which will be respectively shorter.

Certifications: Tested and approved for photobiological safety according to EN 62471 by the BG ETEM - risk-free for skin and eyes.
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