Chemiluminescent hybridisation and detection kit, North2South™

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
PIER17097EA 620 EUR
Chemiluminescent hybridisation and detection kit, North2South™
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North2South™ Chemiluminescent Hybridisation and Detection Kit combines an ECL substrate for horseradish peroxidase (HRP) and optimised hybridisation and blocking buffers to ensure consistent, high-sensitivity Southern blot results.

  • Sensitivity equal to or greater than 32P
  • Amenable to nearly any DNA or RNA hybridisation method
  • Optimised hybridisation and blocking buffers and protocol steps yield consistent results from experiment to experiment
  • High level of light output and consistent low background allows for very short and multiple exposure times using cooled CCD camera systems or film
  • Ready to use buffers and short process time makes switching from radioactive detection to chemiluminescent detection an easy transition
  • Specific plaques can be picked out of areas that are very dense with signal due to extremely low background

Using the North2South™ Chemiluminescent Hybridisation and Detection Kit any nucleic acid blot can be hybridised with the appropriate biotinylated (biotin-labelled) oligonucleotide probe. After a brief membrane blocking step, the biotin label is detected with streptavidin- HRP and a 5-minute incubation with the chemiluminescent substrate. Results are easily recorded by brief exposure to X-ray film (1 to 15 minutes) or CCD camera.

Delivery information: Kit includes stabilised Streptavidin-HRP (1,5 ml), luminol/enhancer solution (80 ml), stable peroxide solution (80 ml), hybridisation buffer (125 ml), hybridisation stringency wash buffer, 2X (375 ml), blocking buffer (500 ml), wash buffer,4X (500 ml), and substrate equilibration buffer (500 ml).
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