Hot Start PCR-to-Gel Taq PCR master mix, 2X

Supplier: VWR Life Science
1B1409-100RXNEA 126 EUR
Hot Start PCR-to-Gel Taq PCR master mix, 2X
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Hot Start PCR-To-Gel Taq Master Mix, 2X is a ready to use reaction cocktail that contains all required components, except primers and template DNA, for routine PCR amplification of DNA fragments up to 4 kb.

The included Taq DNA polymerase is inactivated with proprietary monoclonal antibodies.  Incubation at ≥94 °C during PCR thermal cycling irreversibly denatures the antibody and releases full Taq DNA polymerase activity. Inclusion of tracking dyes in the master mix allows direct loading and analysis of PCR products by agarose gel electrophoresis following PCR amplification.
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