Cell viability assay kits, EarlyTox™ live/dead assay kits

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Cell viability assay kits, EarlyTox™ live/dead assay kits
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EarlyTox™ Cell Viability Assay Kits are a family of fluorescence-based reagents for the assessment of cell viability, cell proliferation, and various apoptosis events using mammalian cells. Optimised for use with microplate readers, these assay kits employ a no-wash, homogeneous assay protocol that enables characterisation of a full concentration-response profile of test compounds.

  • Optimal data quality for microplate reader assay
  • Simplified, homogeneous experimental protocol
  • Preconfigured SoftMax Pro Software protocols

The EarlyTox™ Cell Viability Assay Kit enables the detection of both the live and dead populations of mammalian cells based on the integrity of the cell membrane using a fluorescence microplate reader. Calcein AM is a widely used live-cell marker. The non-fluorescent calcein AM permeates the intact cell membrane and is converted into the fluorescent calcein by intracellular esterases. The number of live cells is therefore indicated by the intensity of green fluorescence in the cytosol, with excitation at 495 nm and emission at 530 nm. EthD-III is virtually non-fluorescent and impermeant to an intact plasma membrane. In the event of compromised cell membrane integrity that is associated with cell death, EthD-III enters cells and binds to nucleic acids, resulting in bright red fluorescence in dead cells, with excitation at 530 nm and emission at 645 nm.
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