HPLC columns, Polaris™ C8-ether

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
VARIA2030100X020EA 675 EUR
VARIA2030100X020 VARIA2031050X020 VARIA2030250X030 VARIA2030250X040 VARIA2031050X030 VARIA2030100X046 VARIA2030050X020 VARIA2031050X046 VARIA2030150X020 VARIA2030250X100 VARIA2030150X046 VARIA2030250X020 VARIA2031250X046 VARIA2031100X020 VARIA2031150X020 VARIA2031100X046 VARIA2030100X030 VARIA2031250X020
HPLC columns, Polaris™ C8-ether
Chromatography Columns
These Polaris™ phases have rapid high resolution separations based on ultra pure silica to which alkyl chains and polar modifications are attached.

  • Enhanced retention and peak shape of polar analytes
  • Additional selectivity for H-bond donors
  • High aqueous compatibility
  • No phase collapse
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