HPLC columns, Polaris™ NH₂

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
VARIA2013100X046EA 690 EUR
VARIA2013100X046 VARIA2014250X020 VARIA2014150X020 VARIA2014100X030 VARIA2014050X030 VARIA2013150X020 VARIA2013050X046 VARIA2013100X030 VARIA2013020X020 VARIA2013150X030 VARIA2014100X046 VARIA2013125X040 VARIA2013050X020 VARIA2014250X030 VARIA2013030X020 VARIA2013150X046 VARIA2014020X020 VARIA2014050X046 VARIA2014100X020 VARIA2013250X046 VARIA2013250X030 VARIA2014050X020 VARIA2014030X020 VARIA2014250X046 VARIA2014150X046 VARIA2013100X020 VARIA2013250X020 VARIA2013250X100 VARIA2013150X040 VARIA2014150X030 VARIA2013250X212
HPLC columns, Polaris™ NH₂
Chromatography Columns
Polaris™ NH₂ is an aminopropylsilane-covered silica that can be used in either reversed or normal phase conditions. Exhibit higher efficiencies for carbohydrate analysis than ionic gel-based columns

  • Mobile phase is acetonitrile/water
  • Shorter gradient re-equilibration times

Monomolecular layer of aminopropylsilane chemically bonded to totally porous silica gel support, 10 µm in diameter.
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