Ficoll 400

Supplier: MP Biomedicals
ICNA0216000325EA 153 EUR
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Ficoll 400
Cell Separation Media
Ficoll® is a synthetic, hydrophilic polymer made by the copolymerisation of sucrose and epichlorhydrin. It is a highly branched polymer. Solutions at neutral pH can be sterilised by autoclaving.

  • MW: 400000 g/mol

FICOLL® has the follwing key advantages: Proven medium for density gradient centrifugation. It does not penetrate biological membranes and has high density solution of low viscosity and low osmotic pressure. Ir preserves functional and morphological integrity. It is useful for separating cells which are sensitive to centrifugation and for separating cells of similar density but different size (under conditions of sedimentation at unit gravity). It can be used in other applications such as electrophoresis, hybridisation cryopreservation and as a hapten carrier.
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