pH/mV/°C meters, bench top, Orion™ Versa Star Pro™ pH/LogR™

Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Orion™ Versa Star™ Pro™
662-2350EA 2207 EUR
pH/mV/°C meters, bench top, Orion™ Versa Star Pro™ pH/LogR™
Electrochemical Meters pH and Multi-Parameter Meters
These bench top meters with pH / LogR module meet most challenging applications for pH, mV, ORP and LogR temperature. The meters offer interchangeable measurement modules that allow multiple users to customise four separate channels to meet their specific requirements. The LogR™ technology enables users to measure both pH and temperature using the glass-bulb of most pH electrodes – ideal for small sample volumes and samples that are difficult to clean.

  • Colour display with adjustable text sizes; numeric keypad; onscreen measurement stability indicator
  • Auto-Read to hold a stable reading; ten password-protected methods per channel
  • Audible alarms automatically notify users when a set offset value, high/low limit value, and calibration time interval are reached
  • Uniformly mix solutions using up to two meter-controlled stirrer probes that are easy to position and can be quickly rinsed between samples
  • Data log collects and date/time stamps up to 2000 measurement sets with optional electrode ID, sample ID and account ID
  • Calibration log stores ten most recent calibrations per parameter with viewable graph for multipoint pH and ISE calibrations
  • Meter facilitates data transfers to a computer via USB or RS232 connections

IP54-rated housing resists dust and splashes and can be wall-mounted if table space is limited.

When used in conjunction with the Orion Navigator Pro software, the Orion Versa Star Pro meter is designed to create electronic data records and audit trails with password-protection, which can be used to assist with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements when paired with each laboratory’s proper IT protocols, SOPs and training records.*
Orion Navigator Pro software offers multi-level system access for an administrator and up to 10 users. The system administrator can customise each user’s access level from full system access to basic data collection only. The Navigator Pro software controls all meter functions including meter settings, calibration, measurement, and reporting to help ensure data integrity and provide a complete audit trail.

Features and benefits
- Generates electronic records and signatures
- Creates audit trail report for electronic records
- Limits access to authorised individuals
- Password protection with system administrator and up to 10 users
- Full computer control of meter functions including setup, calibration and measurement
- Paperless record keeping system

Delivery information: The meter is supplied with VSTAR-LR pH/LogR module, electrode stand, universal power adapter, literature CD, printed quick start guide, computer interface cable and meter test certificate.
Kit 1 additionally includes the 8172BNWP ROSS Sure-Flow glass-body pH electrode, the 927007MD Orion stainless steel ATC probe, the 810199 ROSS pH buffer and solution kit, and the 810007 ROSS fill solution.
Kit 2 additionally includes the 8220BNWP ROSS Micro glass-body pH electrode, 927007MD Orion stainless steel ATC probe, and the 810199 ROSS pH buffer and solution kit.
Kit 3 additionally includes the Orion™ Navigator Pro™ software (incl. one software license on USB flash drive), the 8220BNWP ROSS Micro glass-body pH electrode, 927007MD Orion stainless steel ATC probe, and the 810199 ROSS pH buffer and solution kit.

Caution: * It is the responsibility of each laboratory to validate the Navigator Pro computer software for its intended use, including all regulatory requirements.
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