SMART Digest™ proteinase K kits

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
HYPE60109-107-BEA 902 EUR
HYPE60109-107-B HYPE60109-109-B HYPE60109-108 HYPE60109-108-MB HYPE60109-109 HYPE60109-107-MB HYPE60109-108-B HYPE60109-107 HYPE60109-109-MB
SMART Digest™ proteinase K kits
Protein Purification Protein Purification Kits
Thermo Scientific™ SMART Digest™ Proteinase K Kits are designed to provide a simple to use, fast, highly reproducible and robust process for digestion of proteins in a high throughput format, meeting the needs of biopharmaceutical, bioanalytical and QA/QC environments. This version of the kit utilises Proteinase K, which cleaves the peptide bond adjacent to the carboxyl gropu of aliphatic and aromatic amino acids with blocked alpha amino groups.

  • Simple process with significantly fewer steps compared to in-solution digests
  • Reduced sample preparation time, typically taking <60 minutes (dependant on sample complexity) to achieve full digestion, whereas an in-solution digest can take up to 24 hours
  • Higher reproducibility and greater sensitivity than other methods
  • Easily automated for high throughput processing of samples

Delivery information: Available as a stand alone kit, or with optional filter plate or SOLAµ™ SPE plate. Bulk resin (-B) and magnetic bulk resin (-MB) are also available separately.
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