Fluorescence cuvettes

Supplier: Agilent Technologies
VARI6618000100EA 165 EUR
VARI6618000100 VARI6610024000 VARI6610016400 VARI6610015400 VARI6610019700 VARI6610019800 VARI6610013800 VARI6610010400 VARI6610012700 VARI6610000800 VARI6610001800 VARI6610019600 VARI6610016200 VARI6610016300 VARI6610016000 VARI6610024100 VARI6610016100 VARI6610001100 VARI6610008800 VARI6610023900
Fluorescence cuvettes
Cuvettes Spectrophotometer Cuvettes
Fluorescence cuvettes designed for UV/visible analysis in routine applications of molecular spectroscopy.

  • Longer pathlength cells for extra sensitivity in low concentration samples

Suitable for low concentration or highly corrosive samples.

Longer pathlength (20 - 50 mm) cells are suitable for extra sensitivity in low concentration samples.

Ordering information: 10 mm pathlength models are available in matched pairs.
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