Dideoxyuridine triphosphates (ddUTPs)

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences
Dideoxyuridine triphosphates (ddUTPs)
Nucleic Acid Reagents Nucleotides
These ddUTPs are used for 3’-end labeling of oligodeoxynucleotides using terminal transferase. ddUTP also serves as a substrate for E. coli DNA Polymerase I (holoenzyme and Klenow fragment), T4 and T7 DNA polymerases, Taq DNA polymerase and reverse transcriptase.

  • Purity ≥93% measured by HPLC
  • Purified by ion-exchange chromatography

Oligonucleotide probes labeled with (6) TAMRA-12-ddUTP and (6) ROX-12-ddUTP can be detected by direct fluorescence detection (orange fluorescence and red fluoroscence respectively) or by methods using horseradish peroxidase- or alkaline phosphatase-linked anti-fluorescein antibodies.
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