Hypoxia/oxidative stress detection kit, ROS-ID®

Supplier: Enzo Life Sciences
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ALEXENZ-51042-0125 ALEXENZ-51042-K500
Hypoxia/oxidative stress detection kit, ROS-ID®
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The ROS-ID® Hypoxia/Oxidative Stress Detection Kit is a specific detection system designed for functional detection of hypoxia and oxidative stress levels in live cells (both suspension and adherent) using fluorescent microscopy or flow cytometry.

  • Specifically distinguishes hypoxia from oxidative stress in real-time
  • High sensitivity, specificity and accuracy for live cell studies
  • Use with adherent or suspension cell lines
  • Complete set of reagents, including ROS and hypoxia inducer controls

The kit includes fluorogenic probes for hypoxia (red) and for oxidative stress levels (green) as two major components. The hypoxia (red) dye takes advantage of the nitroreductase activity present in hypoxic cells by converting the Nitro group to hydroxylamine (NHOH) and amino (NH₂) and releasing the fluorescent probe.

The oxidative stress detection reagent is a non-fluorescent, cell-permeable total ROS detection dye which reacts directly with a wide range of reactive species. The generated fluorescent products can be visualised using a wide-field fluorescence microscope equipped with standard fluorescein (490/525 nm) and Texas Red (596/670 nm) filters, confocal microscopy, or cytometrically using any flow cytometer equipped with a blue (488 nm) laser.

Delivery information: The kit contains hypoxia red detection reagent, oxidative stress detection reagent (green), ROS inducer (pyocyanin) and hypoxia inducer (DFO).
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